Since the fall of 2018 the EFL Executive MBA program is being replaced by

Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program


The programme has its foundation in reality-based learning, where we constantly build on the challenges you and your company are facing today and will encounter in the future. The programme consists of four blocks, which are integrated by some common elements: our learning philosophy, a closely-knit team of educators, and a variety of assignments integrating the various aspects of business. In addition, the programme is “spiced up” by an international profile, including a field trip to Africa.

Our four blocks

1. Micro-bachelor
Four days (residential session) where we take a first look on some key theories, concepts and models in management.

2. Business Fundamentals
Business Fundamentals consists of 10 basic courses within the fields of Leadership, Business Intelligence, Essentials of Financial Economics, Management Control, Marketing, Strategy, Strategic Management, Corporate Financial Management, International Marketing, Organization.

During the Business Fundamentals period each participant will also be working on an individual project – the EMBA project.



3. Business Solutions

Business Solutions consists of a menu of electives and open courses, where you choose three courses, each of which is conducted during three days.

4. International Business Project
The last block consists of an international development project.