Business Fundamentals

Create individual and organizational impact

Business Fundamentals consists of 10 basic courses within the fields of Organization and Leadership, Business Environment, Strategy and Marketing, and Financial Value Creation. Team and individual assignments, our learning philosophy, a closely-knit team of teachers and a program manager hold the various courses together and make sure that your new competence is put to use. Each basic course is organised as a 3-day residential period once a month.

DATES – Class of 2020
F1: Leadership
October 17-19, 2018
F2: Business Intelligence
November 14-16, 2018
F3: Essentials of Financial Economics
December 12-14, 2018
F4: Management Control
January 9-11, 2019
F5: Marketing
February 6-8, 2019
F6: Strategy
March 13-15, 2019
F7: Strategic Management
April 10-12, 2019
F8: Corporate Financial Management
May 8-10, 2019
F9: Organization
June 12-14, 2019
F10: Organization and learning seminar
September 11-13, 2019