Digital technologies that can transform your business

The emergence of digital technologies such as cryptocurrencies, machine learning, mobile systems, networked business systems, wireless networks, the Internet of Things and Big Data, along with new business models and the rise of tech giants with global reach, have fundamentally changed the dynamics and landscape of the business world. This does not only apply to new digital companies – these days hardly anyone would question that all businesses are affected by digitalization in some manner. The challenge is how managers and employees are to cope with these changes.


We start with the assumption that all organizations fall somewhere on a scale from fully analog to fully digital, and that their placement on the scale impacts their perspective on digitalization. Bearing this in mind, we study the topic from the perspective of four central themes: digital capacitycustomer experience, organizational processes and digital business models. All four of these themes serve as the foundation for digital transformation.

The course aims to give participants insight into the effects of digitalization and digital transformation on both the global and local level. They can then use this insight to transform their own organization.

Course topics

  • Information systems, platforms and new digital technologies
  • Digitally enhanced business models
  • A variety of perspectives on digital transformation
  • Process-oriented organizational development
  • Leading digital change
  • Models and frameworks for digital transformation

This course should not be seen as a business strategy course – you understand your own business best – the course instead gives you insights and practical tools for digitalization, which you then can manage locally and incorporate into your business strategy.


Program Director

“We will spend three days illustrating and analyzing the challenges and possibilities of digitalization, giving you knowledge that can help you propel your business forward in the new business landscape.”

Bo Andersson, Program Director


Each of the course’s three days will have their own main theme:
Day 1: Outlook – perspectives on digital transformation. The concepts are contextualized and the models explained. A conceptual framework is established as required to understand digitalization from the perspectives of various stakeholders.

Day 2: Components – the four main themes are analyzed, discussed and applied to cases in order to illustrate how various digital aspects enable transformation.

Day 3: Transformation – challenges and possibilities. Digitalization scenarios are analyzed based on your areas of operation and challenges.

The days are structured using EFL’s proven teaching method consisting of a combination of lectures and discussions.


This course caters both to people who are already engaged in digitalization initiatives and anyone who wants to learn more about the phenomenon and has increasingly realized that both they and their organization need to take a more active approach to digitalization. The course gives you insights and practical tools for digitalization, which you and your organization then can manage internally and incorporate into your business strategy.


Our business solutions are held on 1+2 full days and we meet in Lund and the surrounding area.


November 20, 2018
November 27, 2018
November 28, 2018

Program fee

SEK 18,900 excl. VAT.
For EFL member companies, SEK 16,900 excl. VAT.