Africa – a continent in ascendancy

We see an opportunity to be involved from the beginning – therefore we have chosen an Africa-profile in our Executive MBA.

Africa is an exciting continent with remarkable potentials for economic development and “the train is about to leave the station.” The Africa-profile provides endless opportunities for learning. We will be able to study the dynamics of political and economic development, we will have an opportunity to explore the early stage of international business development, and we can make the links to important issues such as sustainability, globalization, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, growth and new business models. China is old news, Africa is new!

EFL has well-established contacts in Africa developed over a long period of time, and Lund University has several valuable cooperative projects with African universities, which we will benefit from during the programme. Additionally there are a number of experts within Lund University who have unique knowledge about the African continent and large network of contacts in the field.

Many parts of Africa are experiencing rapid growth, and six of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies are located there. Sub-Saharan Africa is a complex reality that offers a wide variety of opportunities and challenges.

The growing importance of Africa, both economically and politically, has led a number of countries such as China, USA, India, Russia, Brazil, South Korea and Turkey to expand trade, investment and exchange programs with the continent.


Klas Eklund
“As we all know, the ‘Asian-tigers’ have been a success-story. The next success-story will be the ‘African-lions’. From a business-strategic standpoint it is important to early take advantage of this opportunity. In five, ten or fifteen years others have already been there on location, investing and picking the low-hanging fruits.”

International field trip to Africa
One week in February 2016