Nästa skånska stjärna awarded

The Nästa skånska stjärna scholarship has been awarded. The jury’s choice: Azadeh Pourjanaki, Division Manager at Consafe Logistics. She will join the Executive MBA class of 2019 this fall. “The Executive MBA program will boost my existing background in strategy and business development, give me new skills, and initiate a networking platform for the next step in my career. I am really looking forward to this,” says an emphatic Azadeh Pourjanaki.

Azadeh Pourjanaki and Henrik Lundgren, CEO at EFL

Nästa skånska stjärna (Next Star of Skåne) is a joint initiative of EFL Executive Education and HD-Sydsvenskan. The scholarship contributes to diversity and equality in the business community. The scholarship winner will join the Executive MBA management and leadership program on September 19.

Jenny Holmstedt, Consumer Market Manager at HD-Sydsvenskan

“The debate may be lively at times, but real change toward a more balanced business community is not happening fast enough. Top business echelons are still characterized by a frightening lack of equality and diversity. We all need to do our part. It gives me great pleasure to advance the right person as the next star of Skåne’s business community with this targeted initiative,” says Jenny Holmstedt, Consumer Market Manager at HD-Sydsvenskan and a member of the scholarship jury.

The Nästa skånska stjärna scholarship is being awarded for the fourth year. Previous winners were Maria Rang (2014), Linda Danielsson (2015), Irina Åström (2016) and now Azadeh Pourjanaki (2017), who won the award in a field of talented competitors.
“The scholarship application process gives companies and organizations in southern Sweden the opportunity to take stock of their promising employees from the perspective of equality and diversity. The scholarship is geared toward women with the potential to play a leading role in Skåne’s business future, enabling them to hone valuable skills in the Executive MBA program,” says EFL CEO Henrik Lundgren and continues, “So many strong, impressive applications were considered in the selection process that the future looks undeniably bright.”

“I plan to apply my Executive MBA experience to Consafe’s journey toward our vision,” says Azadeh.

The EFL Executive MBA, in collaboration with the Lund University School of Economics and Management, centers its learning process on the participants’ real-life strategic challenges.
“In our experience, using real-life cases of participants as a key part of the learning process is an incredibly effective, exciting and fun way to craft an Executive MBA program. Over the years, we have witnessed the birth of new exciting ideas, projects and business models and seen them get traction. It’s an outstanding boost of energy,” Henrik Lundgren explains.

Learning by sharing fresh challenges appeals to Azadeh. “If you look at the long-term growth of Consafe Logistics, we are on a journey from being a product company that consults to a company that offers a full range of packaged products and services. This demands an immediate focus on a return on investment for our own internal development and for our customers. I plan to apply my Executive MBA experience to Consafe’s journey toward our vision,” says Azadeh.

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“The 2017 Nästa skånska stjärna scholarship was awarded to Azadeh Pourjanaki. Azadeh has long-standing experience from a series of managerial positions and strategic roles, and has shown she has what it takes to take her leadership to the next level throughout her career. By giving Azadeh the opportunity to participate in the Executive MBA class of 2019, we want to give her the tools she needs to leave a substantial mark on Skåne’s business community.”



Previous winners of the Nästa skånska stjärna scholarship:



  • Nästa skånska stjärna is awarded by EFL and HD-Sydsvenskan for a more equal business community.
  • The winner enrolls in an Executive MBA program, 18 months of skills development in management and leadership.
  • Are you the next Star of Skåne? Read more about the scholarship