“Corporate Financial Management has provided a greater understanding of how different parameters are related and affect the company’s value”

Three days of Corporate Financial Management at the Executive MBA. What lessons were learned and what direct benefit was enjoyed? We contacted Pernilla Henriksson, Products Director at Safegate International AB and one of the 24 program participants, to hear about her experiences.

EFL_MRS_C_Pernilla_Henriksson_1178_470x435pxWhat was your impression of the Corporate Financial Management (CFM) residency session?
The Corporate Finance module deals with subjects that are quite different from what I do in my day-to-day work, so a lot of it was new to me. It was exciting to gain greater insight into and knowledge of the various tools available to assess the value of companies. I really appreciated the external lecturer visits. For example, Magnus Kenneby from Sequent Invest was in for a visit during CFM, and he told us about their activities as an EQT company and what instruments they use to assess the value of companies. It is always equally inspiring when internationally acclaimed researchers such as Lars Oxelheim make guest appearances. During the Corporate Financial Management session, he initiated an interesting and downright lively discussion on corporate governance and value creation.

What were the greatest lessons you learned from the Corporate Financial Management residency session?
One of the lasting lessons I learned is in the understanding that theoretical calculation exercises and analyses of a company’s value is one thing, but the market value in an actual sale will most likely be something entirely different. In particular, I have learned how profitability and growth are related to the company’s value and that you need both qualitative and quantitative knowledge.

Have you learned anything that you feel directly benefits you in your career?
I have constantly learned things and acquired knowledge throughout the Executive MBA program that have directly benefited me in my career – and CFM is no exception. CFM gave me a greater understanding of what creates value for the companies I work for. Safegate has also acquired four companies over the past eight years, and CFM gave me a greater understanding of how these companies were valued, but foremost, it gave me the language which will enable me to discuss this. It would be very exciting to be able to play a more active role in future acquisitions from now on.

What do you hope to get out of the Executive MBA?
In addition to deeper knowledge of the subjects covered in each of our modules, the biggest change from the very first module onwards was on a personal level. I was constantly gaining tools and new perspectives which will enable me to grow both in my position at the company and in my strategic management skills. Of course, I must also mention that it is a true honor getting to know 23 driven, gifted, fun and humble people the way one does when working and living together at MILgårdarna. These people are now, and will always be, an important part of my network.


A few quick questions:

In ten years I will work…?
In 10 years, I will have been working in general management (preferably in the role of CEO) for a while and feeling comfortable in this position. Something I think would be very exciting in the long term is to play a part in the development of new companies, for example, by serving on the board of directors.

Any book recommendations?
I read books in spurts and can plow through many works of fiction during vacation. However, I don’t manage to read while working because it’s hard to put a good book down at night….Right now, I have “Gryning över Kalahari” and “Skymningssång över Kalahari” on my nightstand in anticipation of my upcoming summer vacation.

Your favorite app?
Hemnet is my absolute favorite app. I just can’t stop checking out amazing houses and apartments.