Everyone generously shares their experience and ideas

Five months full of learning will have soon passed since the Executive MBA class of 2018 kicked off last year. We sit down with Louise Strand, Purchasing Director at Region Skåne, to ask what she thinks of the program so far.

Louise Strand, Purchasing Director at Region Skåne

You’ve already completed quite a few modules since you started in the fall, including leadership, business intelligence and management control.  How does it feel now that you are five months into the program?
The program is now in full swing, and we are getting up to speed with study habits and project work. Now I’m looking forward to next week when we will focus on marketing for three intense days at MilGårdarna in Klippan.

What has been the best part so far?
The program covers a wide variety of fascinating subjects with a mix of highly skilled instructors from Lund University and industry guests.  EFL is attentive to our needs and adapts part of the content. I also find the discussions with the other participants very rewarding. Everyone is generous about sharing their experience and ideas. Discussing management and leadership control issues is especially interesting because we all work for many different types of companies and organizations. The best part so far has been working on the cases incorporated into the program from the participants’ employers.

Is there anything you do differently now in comparison to before you started the program?
I think that the decisions I make are now more well informed and based on facts. I am also better at delegating – to make room for my Executive MBA studies.

What advice do you have for new participants thinking about joining the program in the fall?
Ask for more information about the program via EFL and past participants. Then just book the dates in Outlook.