Executive MBA goes to MiLgårdarna

EFL, in partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management, has chosen MiLgårdarna to be its strategic partner for the residential sessions of the Executive MBA Class of 2015. The program is set to start in September 2013.

“MiLgårdarna is on the cutting edge when it comes to creating dynamic environments for good learning and networking,” says Henrik Lundgren, Director of Executive MBA. “Their pedagogical way of thinking, sense of design and environment, and their flexibility fit in very well with our own ideas and our teaching structure,” he continues.

A newly developed Executive MBA

As EMBA veterans, EFL and the Lund University school of Economics and Management felt that they were ready for the challenge of taking the EMBA experience of participants to new heights, and so they began extensive development work just over a year ago.
”We have successfully run the Executive MBA program for 16 years,” says Henrik Lundgren. We know what it takes to develop executives, and we know that we are very good at it. With this as a basis, we have now chosen to design our new program with an even greater focus on our teaching model. Many Executive MBAs work with a fly-in-fly-out faculty these days. We think that the path to success is the main theme throughout the entire program. That is why we are working with a very closely knit team of skilled educators, and each and every one of them has vast specialized knowledge in the various classic EMBA disciplines.

This structure means that the challenges of participants will not be defined or categorized in advance. Instead, the starting point will be to work with the participants’ current issues, field sharp questions from them, and then provide them with the tools to create the best solutions.
”We are convinced that precisely this form of integrated teaching will be at the core of future Executive MBA programs,” says Henrik Lundgren. This of course places high demands on us and our faculty, but we are well prepared and inspired to take on the challenge.

MiLgårdarna to be strategic partner

Our teaching model and the need for opportunities for exchanging experience through the participant’s new network also place high demands on the physical and mental environment of conference venues.
”We feel comfortable knowing that MiLgårdarna, like us, constantly seeks to challenge itself. MiLgårdarna will be an excellent partner in this process,” Henrik Lundgren concludes.

MiLgårdarna’s conference venues are designed, decorated and equipped to inspire interaction and innovation, and to create a climate of openness and trust that contributes to the success of the meeting; in short, to achieve a result: being active, being involved and being productive, but in pleasant, relaxed and comfortable forms. The hosts and their team’s complete focus on the meetings makes them very knowledgeable about the demands placed on learning and development, in order to contribute to achieving the meeting’s goals.

“We have had excellent collaboration with EFL for a long time. For example, their Management and Corporate Governance Program has been located at MiLgårdarna in Klippan for a number of years. Lund University has also been a return guest of ours for a long time. It is especially gratifying to now also get to be the learning and development environment for Sweden’s most groundbreaking Executive MBA program,” says Lennart Rohlin, Founder and CEO of MiLgårdarna.

“MiLgårdarna was created once upon a time precisely for advanced programs, and now this strategic partnership is giving inspiration and energy to our constant efforts to turn MiLgårdarna into Sweden’s most prominent learning environment,” Lennart Rohlin concludes.

EFL and the School of Economics and Management’s Executive MBA starts on September 10, 2013.