Executive MBA next

Per Mikael Åkesson, Managing Director at VELUX Svenska AB, has a solid background with many years of international management experience. This fall, he will embark on an eventful 18-month journey with the EFL Executive MBA program. We interviewed him on his thoughts and expectations as he heads into the program starting on September 19.

Per Mikael Åkesson, Managing Director, VELUX Svenska AB, will start EFL’s Executive MBA in September

What made you decide to pursue an Executive MBA?

Primarily because it’s always been a goal of mine. The timing was perfect both professionally and personally. I’ve taken continuing education courses throughout my career because I believe it’s important to refresh and expand your range of knowledge on an ongoing basis if you want to continue creating innovation and value at your company.

Why did you choose our program?

It was a combination of many things. First of all, I had heard a lot of good things about the program, that it stands out from similar programs significantly – not just because of its international focus, but also because of its emphasis on entrepreneurship and leadership. I also found the geographic location, the structure of the residency sessions and the teaching methodology appealing, because they will make it much easier for me to balance work, studies and family.

What are your expectations?

Besides refreshing my academic knowledge with a focus on strategic management, I look forward to challenging, inspiring and educational discussions with other participants from a range of industries. These types of discussions are usually a golden opportunity for participants to share their experiences. As opposed to traditional teaching, this combination of theory and hands-on experience makes the Executive MBA program attractive. Last but not least, it will be fun to expand and strengthen my professional network.

What do you seek to gain from the program?

Although I already have a solid CV with many years of international management experience and an educational background in both engineering and business administration, I expect the program to strengthen my academic strategic management profile, thus opening the door to new career development opportunities.