Focus on leadership at Executive MBA residential session

The Executive MBA class of 2019 met for another intense and educational residential session to delve into leadership, leadership perspectives and the dynamics of leadership in complex organizations. Gunilla Wejfeldt, Director Global Technical Services at Axis Communications, shares her view of the session, insights she will bring to her company and why no one should miss out on the chance to take the EFL Executive MBA program.

Gunilla Wejfeldt, Director Global Technical Services at Axis Communications

Please tell us about the residential session and share your insights.
This module was about leadership and building an understanding of different leadership perspectives and concepts with a focus on leadership in change. The module also allowed me and the other participants to reflect together on actual leadership dilemmas in each of our organizations, which I found really educational and inspiring.

We worked on our ability to understand the dynamics of leadership in complex organizations. This involves the need for leaders to have a good grasp of areas such as organizational culture, the relationship between leaders and followers, organizational structures, the different ways leaders can make an impact in various situations and when results can be achieved without leadership.

What did you learn?
Leadership isn’t complicated – it’s complex, because it involves relationships between people. And we’re all different. We have different passions, experiences and expectations, and the complexity is taken up a notch in fast-moving organizations. I gained a broader perspective on leadership and followership by sharing experience with expert participants. What happens in organizations is a social process that changes over time. Being a good leader is a skill, but being good at being led is a skill, too.

Did you learn anything that directly benefits you in your career?
Absolutely! Sharing experience with the other participants gave me new ideas on how to handle various dilemmas in my organization.

I was already aware of the importance of communication in fast-moving and innovative organizations. But despite this, an interesting exercise reminded me that I need to ensure that our communications reach all corners of our organization in a feedback loop, even to people on the other side of the world.

Results are achieved by employees, and that’s why it’s important to build the right foundation for achieving these results and maintaining high employee motivation.

What is your view of the EFL Executive MBA about three months into the program?
I had high expectations of the program and, so far, they have been exceeded by leaps and bounds. Our group is made up of highly experienced leaders from various types of companies and organizations. Our group was quick to create a highly open environment that facilitates learning. I get a lot of inspiration from sharing experience and being challenged in a well-intentioned manner for the sake of personal development. We have also had the privilege of listening to and working with experienced and knowledgeable instructors who shared their knowledge in an inspiring way.

What is your advice to new participants thinking of embarking on the Executive MBA program?
My only advice is: if you get the chance, take it! It’s an opportunity for personal growth, great inspiration, and a new network of knowledgeable people and good friends. And last but not least, it’s a lot of fun!