High energy at the start for Executive MBA class of 2019

Energy levels were high at the start for the Executive MBA class of 2019 on September 19. Participants made their way to MiLgårdarna in Klippan for the program’s introductory residency session – Micro Bachelor. This fall’s 25 new participants come from a fascinating mix of companies and industries including IT, banking, medical technology, retail, the industrial sector, the public sector, construction and mobile technology.

Executive MBA – Class of 2019: Katarina Kvist, ABB, Patrick MacAulay, Malmö International School, Georg Hulla, Petra Johnsson, Trustpartner AB, Daniel Pankert, HEXPOL Compounding HQ, Hanna Sjöberg, Per Mikael Åkesson, Velux Svenska AB, Mattias Gustavsson, Gunilla Wejfeldt, Axis Communications AB, Boris Kulas, Mentor Invest AB, Maria Svantesson, MBP Solutions Ltd, Anders Yngwe Söderstjerna, Tetra Pak Processing Systems AB, Jessica Östergren, Big Travel Sweden AB, Anton Ekman, Telavox AB, Tobias Uppström, Clever Sverige AB, Björn Niklasson, Midroc Construction, Pernilla Juréus, Folktandvården Skåne AB, Azadeh Pourjanaki, Consafe Logistics AB, Johan Erlandsson, TePe Munhygienprodukter AB, David Elvström, Ikano Bank AB, Ola Persson, Softhouse Consulting Öresund AB, Maja Troedsson Thuroczy, IKEA Services AB, Christian Strand, Braincool AB, Stefan Andersson, eCraft. Missing: Jukka Vornanen, Tarkett

“On behalf of the I would like to say how pleased we are with this mix of people. We are embarking on an amazing journey together,” says Tony Åkesson, Director Executive MBA at EFL. He continues, “Many months have been spent in preparation, so naturally it feels great to get started.”

During Micro Bachelor, the introductory four-day residency session, the participants will create a company simulation as a shared basis for continued learning. This first session is devoted mainly to getting the participants familiar with each other and the challenges from their businesses that they are bringing to the program.
“These business challenges are important because the participants, facilitated by our EMBA team, will be helping one another learn. Our philosophy is based extensively upon cocreation of knowledge among the participants, who help set the agenda. We will draw on the wealth of varied experience of this group to leverage the participants’ learning and development,” says Tony Åkesson.

An adventure packed with more than 18 months of development and learning is in store for the EMBA participants from now until graduation on March 2, 2019.

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