“I am constantly learning new things I can apply in my work”

Magnus Juhlin is one of the participants of the ongoing Executive MBA Class of 2016. So far, he has seven completed modules under his belt and a little less than a year of the program left, but he has already advanced to a new position in Qlik.

Magnus Juhlin is now in the middle of the Executive MBA – an 18-month advanced program in strategic management, business development and innovative thinking. The program is largely based on the participants’ own challenges and the expertise within the group.

“I am constantly learning new things I can apply in my work. In addition, it is extremely stimulating to be smart people. Each has a highly skilled profile and a wealth of experience they are happy to share. As a result, I am growing both as a person and in my role with the company I represent.”


The Executive MBA Class of 2016 has completed seven modules, including management, business intelligence and marketing.
“I felt that business intelligence was the most useful module for a long time, but  I have gradually discovered that all the parts go together, forming a common denominator of things you want to do and can learn to do. The Program Director of the Executive MBA sums up most of it in this sentence: ‘It’s about knowing what you need to know and when you know what you don’t know, at least you know what you don’t know’. I think that this reflects the entire program and puts it into perspective really well. All of the modules put you on a journey where you constantly learn new things about yourself and what you should know and improve on. When it is done on 16 March 2016, I look forward to learning much more, especially about what I don’t know.”

Magnus embarked on his EFL journey long before the Executive MBA and he will soon be able to put three solid EFL programs on his CV. Magnus has taken many steps forward in his career since he first started at EFL. He has gone from sales & marketing positions to Director Global Support Delivery at Qlik.

“EFL has done a lot for my career and laid the foundations for several jobs I have had. When I am done with my Executive MBA, I will have four years of EFL under my belt, and I have been able to take new steps in my career each time I have completed an EFL program. My first EFL program was the Marketing Management program (Diplomerad Marknadsekonom). After that, I added the Organization and Management program (organisation och ledarskap). Both programs enabled me to advance to new positions. For example, after taking the Marketing Management program, I got a new position as Nordic Product Manager in the hardware industry and I have made the leap to Global Director at Qlik while taking the Executive MBA.”

Magnus is clearly an extremely driven person, but the question is whether he manages to have time for anything else besides working and studying?
“Of course! I have time for everything I want. The biggest change I have made is to replace watching TV with the Executive MBA.”


Name: Magnus Juhlin
Title: Director Global Support Delivery, Qlik
EFL programs: Marketing Management, Organization and Management and currently the Executive MBA
Free time: Family and exercise