“My ideas are taken much more seriously”

Elisabeth Nagy, from Executive MBA Class of 2016, shares her thoughts on the strategic management residency session.

MRS_C_Elisabeth_Nagy_3.5x3.5cm_6234What was your impression of the strategic management session?
It was a superb session. Extremely well prepared and executed.

What were the greatest lessons you learned from this residency session?
I learned that plans are worthless if not executed, and the execution of a strategic plan should begin with quick-wins to bring people onboard.

Did you learn anything that you feel directly benefits you in your career?
Definitely. We had an excellent feedback session involving “Think–Act–Influence”. Combined with the individual plan, this has given me specific actions I will incorporate into my work.

What do you hope to get out of the Executive MBA?
I want to develop a more well-rounded skillset and profile which will enable me to take on a more general role in the future.

Describe your position and give an example of what you have gotten out of the program so far which has been useful for you in your work.
I am responsible for operations throughout the entire order – from the quote and order all the way through the supply chain, including production. I bring up things with management in a different way, and now they are taken much more seriously!


A few quick questions:

Favorite travel destination?
The Alps/Dolomites and skiing

Book recommendations?
For now, just MBA books, but otherwise you should never underestimate Modesty Blaise 😉

Favorite app?
“Pettson och Findus” – because it keeps my kids busy for a long time when I need to study!