Marketing on the agenda!

24 highly focused participants had their first of a total of two marketing residency sessions. The three-day session gave them a general introduction to the world of marketing, but the participants also worked on contemporary marketing challenges as well as marketing issues in their own businesses.

The session focused on what marketing is, branding and ethical issues in relation to marketing. With three different EFL instructors who are marketing experts, the participants got to work on a live case, discuss marketing from different perspectives, and consider the challenges faced by present-day marketing professionals and how their own businesses market their products and services.


On the second day, they met Sofia Ulver, a popular EFL instructor, researcher and lecturer at the Department of Business Administration at Lund University. “During my day, we had a lot of discussions about ethics, morals and responsibility rooted in hot cases on the market and the participants’ own companies and organizations,” says Sofia Ulver. “We used role-play to debate questions from different perspectives. I hope that the participants can think further and bigger than “just” companies and profits following the session. The participants were highly focused and exceedingly interested. They were a great bunch!

The Executive MBA group is now preparing for their next residency session, which is about strategy.

A few quick questions

What do you have in the pipeline now?
Loads of things! Research, lectures, travel, media etc.

What is the best thing about your job?
That it is extremely intellectually stimulating, varied, open and free.

Best book you would recommend?
It is impossible to choose ONE that is the best, but I think everyone should read “Det enda könet – varför du är förförd av den ekonomiske mannen och hur det förstör ditt liv och världsekonomin” (The Sole Gender – Why You Are Seduced by the Economic Man and How It Is Ruining Your Life and the World Economy) by Katrine Kielos. I just finished reading it and I’m going to use it in my courses. Popular science (but based on solid theory), an easy read, polemic but entertaining.