New times require a new Executive MBA — exciting new approaches in newly developed program!

In partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management, EFL has been working on revamping its Executive MBA for just over a year. The new program is set to be launched in September 2013, and it has a number of exciting new additions, such as a teaching model with an even greater emphasis on integration and with a clear focus on direct and immediate benefit for both the individuals who participate and their businesses.

– “You might be wondering why we would want to change a winning concept when it has delivered 14 successful EMBA programs, but we feel that we have now reached a point where we can really make the most out of the experience gained and lessons learned from the past programs,” says Henrik Lundgren, Director of Executive MBA at EFL.
EFL is proud to be taking the lead in developing what we think will be a fixture of future Executive MBA programs, where long “Powerpoint marathons” with experts giving answers to questions already asked in advance are a thing of the past.

The new recipe for success is to provide “direct, immediate and concrete” benefit to both the individuals taking the program and their businesses.
In practice, this new approach means that the program will use the reality of the participants as the basis and work on identifying and solving the strategic challenges they are currently being faced with. Relevant models, theories and perspectives are then put together on that basis. EFL will be using a closely knit team of educators and experts to bring learning to a new level.
”Reality is not divided up into subjects, and this is an incredibly exciting way to work. It does certainly place very high demands on us in terms of teaching, but we feel that we are more than ready to take on this challenge. We have what it takes to work in a very integrative manner and have a closely knit team of teachers for doing just that, which is something I think few other Executive MBA programs can match,” says Henrik Lundgren.

The new Executive MBA is delivered by EFL in partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management and its next start date is set for September 2013.