Peter Marcusson set to complete the EFL Grand Slam

“The knowledge I have acquired from the EFL programs I have taken is useful to me on a daily basis and each course has enabled me to advance in my development and career,” says Peter Marcusson, Nordics General Manager at Ferring, who will soon be able to complete an EFL Grand Slam.

Peter and EFL have a long relationship together, going all the way back to 1988 when Peter began the Marketing Management program (Marknadsekonomiska Utbildningen). He then plowed through the European Diploma international marketing management program, the Executive MBA strategic management program and EFL’s Management and Corporate Governance program (Styrelseprogram). Now Peter has just one measly exam left before he can put a Diploma in Management Control (Diplomerad Controller) on his CV as well. After that, he can boast of having completed an EFL Grand Slam.


Peter’s career has always been rooted in the life sciences sector, where he has worked in a variety of positions, from pharmaceutical consultant to his current position as general manager for Ferring Nordic and board posts both at Ferring and elsewhere. His work has taken him to both the US and Switzerland over the years. He considers his career to be largely thanks to the knowledge he gained from EFL.
“Each program enabled me to take the next step in my development,” says Peter. I was given the position of International Marketing Director at Ferring’s global headquarters in conjunction with the Executive MBA, and I was recruited to both external and internal boards after the Management and Corporate Governance program. The Executive MBA has meant the most to me, a program which has been extremely helpful to me and which has had a positive effect on my continuing development. Without it, it would have been harder to advance in my career.”

Peter has spent a total of eight years studying at EFL part time, and he uses the knowledge he has gained from EFL in his work on a daily basis.
“The knowledge I have gained from the EFL programs I have taken is useful to me every day. I make use of everything from knowledge of the marketing process to the principles of board activities. In addition, the programs have made it easier for me to have discussions with colleagues in different positions. Speaking the same language breaks down barriers,” says Peter.



8 years at EFL – why is EFL so good?
A structure where theory is linked to practice and new knowledge can be applied directly to your day-to-day activities is something I consider very valuable. Contact with classmates is also an important aspect, as well as membership of EFL’s business network. EFL is Ferring’s partner of choice. If we need further training in finance and management, EFL is our first choice.

What is in the pipeline at Ferring?
Exciting new pharmaceutical product launches. I am also proud that we are continuing to grow in an increasingly rough environment where competition and price pressure pose constant challenges – thanks to volume growth and new and innovative products.

What do you do in your free time?
I spend my free time with family and friends and on the golf course in Falsterbo.