“The key is focusing on the right things and really seeing what needs to be seen”

Being a manager higher up in an organization requires the ability to see the big picture and focus less on day-to-day details.  This is one of the reflections of Mikael Johansson, Vice President Sales Europe Truck&Bus at Haldex, after his first residential session with the Executive MBA Class of 2016.

Mikael Johansson from Haldex is not new at EFL. He has previously taken the Marketing Management program (Diplomerad Marknadsekonom) and has now started the Executive MBA. After the initial residency session, referred to as the micro bachelor, Mikael is “very fascinated with the various types of occupations represented in the group and is confident that it will be very beneficial for everyone, regardless what business they come from”.

Together with the 23 other participants, Mikael has spent four days in the residency session where the focus has been on introducing the participants to the Executive MBA’s innovative method of teaching and creating a common base of knowledge and a comprehensive view on entrepreneurship and management. A lot of emphasis has also been placed on strengthening the group’s dynamics to contribute to a learning environment. The tempo has been high and there have been many interesting discussions and reflections.

“The discussion on ‘Seeing the big picture’ was a real eye opener,” says Mikael. “Even if you knew it and have heard it before, it’s extremely important. Managing higher up in an organization requires the ability to see the bigger picture and put a little less focus on day-to-day details. The key is focusing on the right things and really seeing what needs to be seen.”

The participants have 18 educational months ahead of them, which will give them a strong skills boost in strategic management, business development and innovative thinking. Mikael says that after just the first few days, he has already obtained new knowledge that he has direct use for in his corporate role. “In addition to the company simulation giving me a good comprehensive view of entrepreneurship, I was also encouraged to reflect on my leadership skills,” Mikael explains. One specific tool for this is Mintzberg’s “Model of Managing”, which I can apply directly to my own situation via a more profound understanding of the different aspects and challenges of management.”

Executive MBA – Class of 2017 starts September 14, 2015.


Mikael Johansson
Vice President Sales Europe
Truck&Bus at Haldex
Executive MBA – Class of 2016



What do you hope to learn from the Executive MBA?
“My goal with this program is to enhance my knowledge and experience, which makes me better able to tackle the challenges I face. Getting to meet new people with different perspectives may not be a goal in and of itself, but it is a big plus.”

What do you do in your free time?
“I spend much of my free time together with my family. We are all very interested in football, and since both our daughter and our son play, there’s a lot of football on the evenings and weekends. Besides that, I really like cooking and also stay in shape by running, biking and playing floorball.”